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3GSM reduces environmental impacts of mining

Mineral resources are needed in our world. Blasting is a very common way to extract them. The overall procedure causes noise, dust and shows a significant carbon footprint.

3GSM provides software for optimising surface blasting and reduces this way negative environmental impacts while simultaneously reducing required efforts of all subsequent processing steps. Better blasts are easier to load, haul and crush, they produce less vibrations, no fly-rock, and less waste material. And better blasts show fewer energy consumption (electricity, diesel) and increase working safety.


3GSM uses photogrammetric 3D models and dedicated software for blast design and blast analysis. The tools allow operations to optimise their blasting works by closing the control loop of blast optimization. It allows for striving constantly for improvements or keeping already achieved high quality standards.

3GSM’s tools bring a classical win-win situation as operations save money while simultaneously reducing negative environmental impacts of mining.

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  • 3GSM systems are in use in more than 40 countries!