ShapeMetriX UAV Release Notes

Modifications of the ShapeMetriX UAV software


You can get details for your update by contacting sales@3gsm.at

ShapeMetriX UAV 2.1

  • Higher quality of 3D image reconstruction
  • New! Automatic continuation of reconstruction (dense reconstruction is automatically launched after coarse reconstruction after a user-defined time).
  • New! Three different reconstruction modes (Fast, Normal, High)
  • New! User-defined limit of generated points for the final reconstruction.
  • New! User-defined stereo set-ups can be added to an existing 3D reconstruction.
  • New! 3D model view for a better localization of the reference image.
General Settings
  • ShapeMetriX 3D is released with 64-bit applications only.
  • A dongle update is required (for most users) before installing SMX 4.1 in order to apply all new functions to the software.
  • Drastic improvement of 3D mesh generation.
  • Better handling of operations that require administrator privileges (e.g. installation of license or calibration data)
  • Multiple calibration files can be installed and removed at once.
  • New! Multiple connected dongles are supported.
  • New! Option to set the displayed texture resolution for the 3D viewer.
  • New!  Backup/restore functionality for license data.
  • New! ‘Clean up’ button for removing temporary data (only if 3GSM cache directories are found).
  • More feedback during trimming.
  • Reference points are saved in the correct subimage and are shown again after loading.
    Note: Reference points from previous versions are no longer imported.
  • Diagrams display the set unit for axes.
  • Option for enabling / disabling the same scale for both axes for sections chart.
  • Calculated volumes can be renamed.
  • New! Option to set the displayed texture resolution for the 3D viewer.
  • New! Tool tips – Information about annotations are provided in the 3D viewer by moving the mouse over the annotation while holding Ctrl key.
  • New! Customisable screenshot functionality including orthophotos with scale information
  • New! Plots can be saved as “.png” files.
  • New! Optional point limit exported by the Tape Measure into the “.csv”  file