ShapeMetriX 3D Release notes

Modifications of the ShapeMetriX3D software


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ShapeMetriX 3D system specifications 2021

ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.8.2

ShapeMetriX 3D 4.8.2 is a service release providing following enhancements:

  • Multiple improvements of data processing and user interaction
  • Improvements for using multiple displays and high-resolution displays

ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.8

ShapeMetriX 3D 4.8 is a major release including new features for the assessment of rock masses and integrated distribution analysis of geological mapping data. Contour lines of the 3D model can be now generated and visualized in respect to a user adjustable plane. Moreover, the evaluation of trace mapping and spacing is extended with distribution plots that are automatically provided in the software after mapping. A new export is available and enables the data exchange with Rocsience software.


JMX Analyst

  • New! User configurable distribution plot of trace mapping and corresponding spacing parameters
  • New! Extended contour line plot including next to horizontal projections, the possibility of vertical projections and projection to a user configurable projection plane
  • New! Redesigned user interface of the contour line plot that improves the user experience and usability
  • New! OBJ export supporting a data exchange with Rocscience software
  • New! Extended DXF export of the geologic mapping including sections, profiles, tape measurements, occurrences and area portioning
  • Enhanced CSV export functions for geological mapping data


JMX Inspector
  • New! User configurable distribution plot of trace mapping and corresponding spacing parameters
  • New! Contour line plot including the full set of new features (see above)

ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.7

ShapeMetriX 3D 4.7 is a major release which offers new features for geologic mapping and assessment of the rock masses. It includes a completely new implemented mode Guided Trace for a semi-automatic annotation of lineaments directly on the 3D model. Image and graph processing algorithms provide the trace of the joint after clicking the start and end point and visualize the trace on the 3D model immediately. This feature supports a fast, effective and accurate mapping with a minimum effort of user interaction. Moreover, there is now an import of displacement data from radar systems (IDS GeoRadar) that offers the possibility to visualise geologic mapping data in conjunction with radar data. A real innovation that helps identifying the mechanism that causes the displacement.

  • 3D navigation features using arrow key for a continuous zoom in the viewer
  • Checkboxes for the visibility of 3D models in the viewer available in all software components
 JMX Analyst
  • New! Semi-automatic mode Guided Trace for annotating joint traces by simply defining the start and the endpoint on the 3D model with the computer mouse
  • New! CSV 4D import of radar data (IDS GeoRadar) with a colour-coded visualisation of displacement directly on the 3D model
  • New! Export of discontinuities in “.dxf” format as polygon or mesh
  • Feature for automatically adding discontinuity models to mapped areas and traces
 JMX Inspector
  • New! CSV 4D import and colour-coded visualisation of displacement data achieved from radar system IDS GeoRadar

ShapeMetriX 3D Version 4.6

ShapeMetriX 3D 4.6 is a major release with the focus set on usability and design. Besides the redesigned user interface and enhanced screen representation, the software is available in dark theme design. In addition, the JMX Analyst has been extended by additional export functions. ShapeMetriX 3D 4.6 increases the flexibility of the software and stand out with its clear design.

  • New! Dark theme mode available for all software components
    Dark theme mode is selectable by the user in the settings. The new display mode comes with newly designed icons to fit the design for the original and the new dark theme.
  • New! User interfaces have been redesigned to improve the user experience and usability
  • New! 3D viewer with improved performance
    The new 3D viewer meets and exceeds the demands of large 3D models from drone imagery. It allows displaying 3D models at a higher level of detail in the surface and the photo texture without comprising performance and user interaction. It is capable to load data faster and increases the productivity of the user.
  • New! 3D navigation features to rotate the 3D model from the current point of view and to orientate the 3D model from the camera view top down
  • New! 3D navigation feature using Arrow keys for straight motion and Strg+Arrow keys for rotation
  • New! User definable background colour for the 3D viewer
  • New! Features for enabling mouse navigation in the stereo view
  • New! Improvements in the command line installation
  • New! Digital signature for individual software components for verifying the authenticity
  • Clear arrangement of manuals in the Center Window – division in General (guidelines, field procedure,…) and Components (individual software components)
SMX SurfaceTrimmer
  • New! Redesigned user interface with usability improvements
JMX Analyst
  • New! CSV Export of Lithologic Regions
  • New! CSV Export of Homogenous Areas
 JMX Inspector
  • New! PDF Report

ShapeMetriX 3D Version 4.5

ShapeMetriX 3D 4.5 is a major release. Besides a completely new software installer with advanced setup settings, it includes the re-design and re-organization of numerous dialog boxes. This makes ShapeMetriX 3D even more streamlined and efficient.

  • New! Software installer including the possibility of silent installation using the command line with appropriate setup settings
  • New! Digital signature for verifying the authenticity of the software
  • New! Enhanced CSV import functions (new import dialog) available in the SMX Referencer and SMX Normalizer
  • Re-organized dialog for the general software settings
  • Enhanced HTML manuals (paragraph numbering)
  • PDF versions of the manuals available directly in the software

ShapeMetriX 3D Version 4.4.2

This is a service release which includes the feature outlined below.

SMX SurfaceTrimmer
  • Backward compatibility of 3D models (new feature “Export 3D model as jm3 v3.0”)

ShapeMetriX 3D Version 4.4

JMX Analyst
  • New! PDF print for Sections and Profiles
  • New! Pie chart plot for Lithologic Regions und Homogeneous Areas
  • New! Feature “Area Basic”
  • New! Calculation of an area related to an user adjustable Reference Plane
  • New! Display of the reconstruction quality of 3D models generated by SMX MultiPhoto v4.0
  • New! HTML Help for JMX Inspector
  • Visualization of the Reference Plane in the 3D viewer
  • User configurable display of Trace Maps Analysis (zoom function, show/hide spacing and intersection marks)
  • Display of spacing parameters in the Trace Maps Analysis diagram (tool tip)
  • Enhancement of Profile properties (vertical and horizontal distance)
  • OBJ export: possibility to reduce texture size

ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.3.2

The software update includes:

SMX Mapper
  • New HTML Help

ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.3

Version 4.3 includes a major refactoring of the MultiPhoto component alongside with feature updates of all other software components. There is a completely redesigned user interface of the 3D mapping software Analyst with several new features. Noticeable changes are listed below but there is tremendously more that happened behind the scenes.


General Settings
  • More possibilities to change units (length, mass, density); distinguish between short ton and long ton as well as International foot and US survey foot
  • Option to skip license installation during initial installation of a package
  • Import/export of Mapping Definitions
  • New! Support of dongle through remote network connection (for demo versions)
  • New HTML help
  • Invert selection feature
  • Extended options for defining a reference plane


  • Redesigned user interface with several usability improvements
  • New annotations: Occurrences, Homogeneous Areas, Lithologic Regions
  • New (improved) behaviour for Spacing Scanline, Analysis Zone, Exclusion Zone
  • Introduction of Mapping Definitions for customisable Lithological Regions
  • New types for Roughness and Fracture Mode properties
  • New properties for Water annotation
  • Support for custom notes for all annotations
  • Note this implies a new version of the .jms file (the map)
  • New! Multiple selection of elements; this is equally available for several views on the data such as 3D Viewer, TreeView, or StereoNet
  • New annotations compatible with SMX Mapper (tablet application)
  • Several performance improvements in conjunction with large 3D models

ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.1

General Settings
  • ShapeMetriX 3D is released with 64-bit applications only.
  • A dongle update is required (for most users) before installing SMX 4.1 in order to apply all new functions to the software.
  • Drastic improvement of 3D mesh generation.
  • Better handling of operations that require administrator privileges (e.g. installation of license or calibration data)
  • Multiple calibration files can be installed and removed at once.
  • New! Multiple connected dongles are supported.
  • New! Option to set the displayed texture resolution for the 3D viewer.
  • New!  Backup/restore functionality for license data.
  • New! ‘Clean up’ button for removing temporary data (only if 3GSM cache directories are found).
  • More feedback during trimming.


  • Reference points are saved in the correct subimage and are shown again after loading.
    Note: Reference points from previous versions are no longer imported.


  • Diagrams display the set unit for axes.
  • Option for enabling / disabling the same scale for both axes for sections chart.
  • Calculated volumes can be renamed.
  • New! Option to set the displayed texture resolution for the 3D viewer.
  • New! Tool tips – Information about annotations are provided in the 3D viewer by moving the mouse over the annotation while holding Ctrl key.
  • New! Customisable screenshot functionality including orthophotos with scale information
  • New! Plots can be saved as “.png” files.
  • New! Optional point limit exported by the Tape Measure into the “.csv”  file

ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.0

Major changes in version 4.0:
  • Everything has been reshaped in order to work with the new Multiphoto approach. The ShapeMetriX 3D system now supports unordered overlapping photos and combines them to a consistent accurate 3D model.
  • Note that the new software component SMX Multiphoto is also available as add-on to existing ShapeMetriX 3D systems.
  • The Multiphoto component can deal with aerial imagery such as from drone as well as with multiple photos taken in underground environments.
  • The resulting 3D models allow all actions as known from ShapeMetriX 3D, e.g. rock mass characterization (geological mapping, geometric analysis)
  • The new component requires a 64 bit system and a NVidia graphics card in order to expand its full capabilities.


ShapeMetriX 3D version 3.9

Major changes in version 3.9:

There are new assessment features available in JMX Analyst for quantifying rock faces. A new annotation for estimating volumes has been introduced. Configurable topographic maps and cut-off planes allow estimating overbreak ratios and planarity analyses. Reference planes can be defined in the SMX SurfaceTrimmer and there is a new scaling mode in SMX Normalizer using two non-parallel range poles.

… and as always some tweaks and improvements.

JMX Analyst
  • Visualisation of planarity by configurable topographic maps
  • New dialog: Cut-off Plane
    A plane at definable distance and parallel to the reference plane separates the model; the face area in front of and behind the cut-off plane is provided
  • New annotation: Volume
    A polygonal line outlines the border of a volumetric body.
  • Missing units in structure list added
  • Supports import data from SMX Mapper
    (Mapping tool running on tablet PCs for use in front of the face)
  • Speed-up the drawing of analysis zones
SMX Normalizer
  • Fusion of Normalizer mode and North Correction mode
  • Two Range Poles mode:
    Two non-parallel range poles with known target distance and trend and plunge are used to scale, vertically orient, and north-correct the 3D image.
SMX SurfaceTrimmer
  • Refactoring the User Interface
  • Trim operations are applicable locally or globally on depending on user setting
  • New function: remove a whole 3D sub-image
  • User-defined reference plane
  • Speed-up data save process
SMX RecAssistant
  • Automatic camera selection still works even if EXIF data is compromised by 3 rd party programs (workaround)
  • If no EXIF information is found at all, calibration is selectable
  • Support of Windows 10
  • Extension of capability by three additional 3D images in SMX ModelMerger
    Note, this may require a 64 bit version of software and operating system

ShapeMetriX 3D version 3.8

The new version primarily provides new features for the geologic 3D mapping tool JMX Analyst, and some general performance improvements. With the introduction of the elements “Analysis Zone” and “Exclusion Zone” homogeneous areas in the rock mass are easier definable. These zones especially support the newly extended computation of spacing.

Major changes in version 3.8:
  • Support of Windows 8, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Support of Russian language
JMX Analyst
  • Analysis Zone: New annotation for selecting multiple measurements.
  • Exclusion Zone: New annotation for masking zones.
  • Multiple Scanline Spacing: Fully refactored analysis interface
    • Spacing Analysis for Analysis Zones and entire StructureMap
    • Spacing, trace length, and bridge length statistics for Analysis Zones and entire StructureMap
    • Configurable statistics calculation
    • Considers areas, traces, bridges, and exclusion zones
    • Visualisation of the projection plane
    • User-defined orientation of the projection plane
    • New data export format
  • Refactored report generation
  • Contour lines:
    • User-definable elevation range
    • User-definable, new algorithmic simplification of contour lines

ShapeMetriX 3D version 3.7

The new version covers several extensions around the 3D mapping software component.

Essential modifications in version  3.7:
SMX ReconstructionAssistant
  • Automatic selection of camera and lens after selecting the photos (for cameras launched after 2006)
JMX Analyst
  • Introduction of orientation weights, i.e. the consideration of structure sizes when calculating joint set orientations.
  • Extension of the automatic clustering in order to consider weighted orientations
  • Orientation data export compatible with the software Sphaira
  • A new mechanism that enables filtering of structures according to their sizes
  • Enhancements around the scanline mechanism
  • Enhancements around the automatic region grow mechanism
  • Possibility to transform existing structure maps onto 3D images in a new co-ordinate system
SMX Referencer
  • User defined denomination of control points

ShapeMetriX 3D version 3.6

The latest release includes many changes/improvements within the scope of user interface, memory management, and data representation.

Essential modifications in version 3.6:
General issues
  • 64 bit support allowing massively more measurement points per 3D image
  • Allowing to connect more images to a single large 3D image
  • Improved memory management (e.g. minimizing the memory requirements for displaying very large 3D images)
  • Improvement within the 3D surface triangulation
JMX Analyst
  • New display filters (show / hide structures according to user definable settings)
  • OBJ export including texture
  • Reviewed VRML export without any restrictions on number of points
  • Improved graphical display of 3D image annotations
SMX Referencer
  • Additional denomination for surveyed control points including import
  • Later geo-referencing of 3D image and structure maps possible
  • Support of csv-format for imported co-ordinates
SMX ReconstructionAssistant
  • Additional warning at small base lengths
  • Additional warning for betwixt or wrong lens settings
SMX Normalizer
  • Now compatible with merged 3D images
SMX SurfaceTrimmer
  • Improved handling of merged 3D images
  • Improved statistics on merged 3D images

ShapeMetriX 3D version 3.5

Essential modifications in version 3.5:
General issues:
  • New system configurations: Standard, Tunnel, and Versatile
  • Compatibility to Windows 7
3D image generation:
  • String refactoring of the SMX ModelMerger component
    • Automatic identification of tie points
    • Handling of extreme geometries
    • User definable seams
  • Special support for merging 3D images from underground operations
  • Minimal user interaction for merged 3D image from surface applications
3D image assessment:
  • Simultaneous loading of several 3D images
  • Configurable general section plot
Data export:
  • New VRML export

ShapeMetriX 3D version 3.0

Essential modifications in version 3.0:
3D image generation
  • Refactoring of internal algorithms leading to again improved reconstruction accuracies
  • Extension of multiple CPU usage (faster 3D image generation)
3D image editing
  • Toggle between single 3D images within merged 3D models
3D image assessment
  • Improvement of automatic discontinuity segmentation
  • Introduction of automatic clustering of discontinuities
  • Introduction of marker for water occurrence
  • Geometric modelling of measured discontinuities
  • Change of units

ShapeMetriX 3D version 2.2

Essential modifications in version 2.2:
3D image generation:
  • Further improvements in image processing leading to even higher reconstruction accuracy
  • Sensitisation of quality indicator
  • Support of multiple CPUs (faster 3D image generation)
3D image assessment:
  • Introduction of arbitrary located vertical section (profile)
  • Output of roughness profiles
  • Configurable representation in hemispherical plots
  • Bounding box including overall dimensions
  • Live switchover between reduced and full set of 3D points
  • Area based features show additionally its size in a projection plane

ShapeMetriX 3D version 2.1

Essential modifications in version 2.1:
  • Improved support for combined (merged) 3D images
  • Point density adjustable (again)
  • Introduction of north direction by compass reading
  • Contour lines
  • Improved DXF export
  • Revised PDF reports

ShapeMetriX 3D version 2.0

Essential modifications in version 2.0:
3D image generation
  • Improved performance in 3D image generation
  • Quality feedback for generic 3D image
  • Point density can be influenced from operator
  • Reference to north can be established by introducing the azimuth of a reference line (no control points required)
3D image assessment
  • User defined scanline leading to enhanced spacing calculations (set spacing, normal set spacing, total spacing)
  • Configurable contour lines line plots (plan view) as well as contour lines on the 3D image (separately exportable e.g. as DXF)
  • Exportable structuremap (CSV, DXF)
  • Enhanced PDF report
  • New in ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.8: Visualization of spacing of one structure set with included, user configurable distribution plot
  • New in ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.8: Selection of images used for 3D model reconstruction by easy handling in the 3D preview
  • New in ShapeMetriX version 4.7: Guided Trace Measurement
  • New in ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.6: dark theme mode
  • New in ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.4: User configurable display of Trace Maps Analysis
  • ShapeMetriX 3D version 4.3
  • Automatic computation of camera arrangement in SMX v4.0
  • Single processing of multiple photos in SMX v4.0
  • Planarity analysis in SMX v3.9
  • Cut-off plane in SMX v3.9
  • Volumetric measurements in SMX v3.9
  • 3D geologic map in SMX 3.8

    Introduction of the annotations “Analysis Zone” and “Exclusion Zone” – this eases the definition of homogeneous regions in the rock outcrop.

  • Computation of spacing in SMX v3.8