ShapeMetriX 3D


is an easy-to-use system to acquire surfaces with three-dimensional images.

For data acquisition a standard digital camera is used which is calibrated by software from 3GSM. With it, the area of interest is (freely) captured from at least two angles.

Dedicated software enables digital rock mass characterisation including geometric measurements and geologic mapping capabilities.



  • Reproducible acquisition of rock mass conditions
  • No more access problems and no pressure of time for the assessment
  • Measurement of position, distances, areas
  • Sectional views (cross sections), profiles
  • Measurement of spatial orientations (dip angle & dip direction)
  • Geological/geotechnical assessments• Discontinuity spacing
    • Hemispherical plots
    • Discontinuity set clustering
    • Statistics on spatial distribution of orientation measurements.
    • Scanline
  • Discontinuity modelling
  • Data export (CSV, DXF, OBJ


Main benefits at a glance

  • Contact-free measurement
    •  Increased working safety
    •  Measurements in inaccessible areas
  • Simply, efficient application (taking pictures)
  • Comprehensive, lifelike documentation
  • Reproducible rock mass conditions
  • Improved rock mass characterisation


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  • Mobile mapping
  • 3D image of 15 m wall with hemispherical plot

    3D image of 15 m wall taken in an open pit together with measured discontinuity orientations as well as identified joints sets in a hemispherical plot.

  • 3D image of 120 m rock wall with spacing

    3D image of 120 m rock wall with extensive interpretation of the inaccessible hazardous area as well as plot for determining the spacing of one discontinuity set.

  • Drift tunnel

    3D image of a drift tunnel in a deep underground mine together with a sectional view.

  • Tunnel faces

    Several tunnel faces in a common representation within the software.

  • ShapeMetriX3D components