ShapeMetriX UAV

Aerial 3D images


Photographs from an off-the-shelf drone generate to comprehensive, highly accurate 3D models. The ShapeMetriX package includes geologic mapping capabilites, as well as geometric measurements including volumetrics.

Next to aerial imagery ShapeMetriX UAV supports 3D model generation from terrestrial imagery and enables the application in underground environment.


  • Precise documentation
  • Reproducible results
  • Highly detailed


  • Stock piles
  • Excavation pits, documentation
  • Conservation of evidence
  • Geologic mapping
  • Volumetric measurement
  • Comprehensive documentation


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  • Geological assessment

    Geological mapping over wide areas with high measurement accuracy

  • Rock mass characterisation

    3D model of an open pit with a detailed mapping of geological structures evaluated automatically in the intergrated hemisperical plot

  • Underground application

    Geological mapping of a tunnel face with the corresponding evaluation with the integrated tools including hemispherical plot and analysis of spacing parameters.

  • Example of underground imaging

    Possible image setup for the 3D model reconstruction of a drift tunnel

  • Monitoring

    Slope monitoring by contour plots, profiles and area based measurements


  • Displacement

    Display of radar data (IDS GeoRadar) with a colour-coded visualisation of the displacement directly on the 3D model combined with the mapping of major rock structures. Reads directly from/to Guardian software from IDS.

  • Documentation

    Wide ranging three-dimensional documentation of a mountain massif with detailed models of the debris cone allows geological assessment without access limitations

  • Quantification

    Fast and accurate quantification of stockpiles

  • Repository of 5 hectares

    3D image of a repository of about 5 hectares