ShapeMetriX TBM

3D images for TBM excavations


3D imaging and analysis system for digital tunnel face documentation during hard rock tunnelling with a TBM.

The system comprises the following features:

  • 3D acquisition of the tunnel face
  • Permanent documentation of rock mass conditions
  • Scaled and oriented 3D images
  • Geological mapping
  • Overbreak quantification
  • Geometric measurements

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How it works

An autonomous imaging unit is installed at inspection openings during maintenance shift.
Turning the cutter head captures a circular video.
Advanced software generates scaled and oriented 3D images from which measurements are taken.

Requirements on site

  • Access to the service and mucking openings for installing and dismantling TBM imaging units.
  • One full rotation of the cutter head for scanning a part of the tunnel face.
  • Data acquisition works are performed during the maintenance shift.


  • Autonomous TBM imaging units
  • Software for the generation and alignment of circular 3D images
  • Software JMX Analyst for the assessment of 3D images and geometric rock mass characterisation


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  • Circular 3D image
  • Autonomous imaging unit

    Autonomous imaging unit installed at inspection opening

  • Results

    Quantification of single block detachments from the tunnel face by volume (top right) or depth (bottom right)


  • Visualisation

    Configurable topographic maps for visualising single block detachments from the face resp. the planarity over the entire 3D ring. Each colour represents an interval of 5 cm

  • Quantification of planarity

    Quantification of overbreak excceding a specified limit. Values in square metre and percentage of the entire area.

  • Geological mapping

    Interactive and semi-automatic tools for rock mass characterisation.