The Commander is a software module for blast data management and tracking of KPs.

It includes a database that manages blast data from different sites and provides comprehensive analysis and display of selectable KPIs including standard reporting. Technically the Commander provides quality control and enables reproducible improvements for adapting blast designs to specific site needs. But also remote technical support and training data.

The commander provides easy collection of information over several operations, e.g. on blasted volumes or achieved fragmentation.


Commander demo version available! (Please contact us for full demo access – form below)


KPI tracking

  • Freely configurable diagram editor
  • Automatically generated KPIs
  • Import of own KPIs

Data management

  • Management of blast sites and users
  • Simplified collaboration of blast engineers
  • Dashboard
  • Simple query of progress data, e.g. sum of muck pile volumes per month


  • Passing values such as x50, x80
  • Swell factor
  • Uniformity of muck pile
  • Muck pile volume, bank volume
  • Design paramater, e.g. total drilling length, deviations of the drill pattern
  • Correlation of parameters
  • External KPIs




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  • Commander - Data flow
  • Configurable KPI tracking
  • Commander- Blast Optimization Cycle