BMX Commander

BMX Commander

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BMX Commander is a new module for data management and tracking of KPIs. There is a dashboard showing the main information on a blast site as well as KPI tracking that displays the course of selectable KPIs.

The BMX Commander connects blast design and blast analysis making it a tool for stepwise reproducible blast optimization.




KPI tracking

  • Freely configurable diagram editor
  • Automatically generated KPIs
  • Import of own KPIs

Data management

  • Management of blast sites and users
  • Simplified collaboration of blast engineers
  • Dashboard
  • Simple query of progress data, e.g. sum of muck pile volumes per month


  • Passing values such as x50, x80
  • Swell factor
  • Uniformity of muck pile
  • Muck pile volume, bank volume
  • Design paramater, e.g. total drilling length, deviations of the drill pattern
  • Correlation of parameters
  • External KPIs




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