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3GSM develops and markets systems for three-dimensional acquisition and assessment of rock, terrain, and object surfaces using digital imagery and computer vision. Based on photogrammetric 3D images and purpose-built software components, solutions are provided for geotechnics, engineering geology, blast engineering, and surveying primarily applied in mining, tunnelling, and general rock engineering.


The characteristics of our systems are the ease of use (free photo taking, automatic computation) and control on accuracy. No special skills in photogrammetry or geodesy are presumed.

ShapeMetriX 3D is a versatile system for generating 3D images and their assessment.

Main application is within geological mapping both on surface and underground.

A pre-calibrated off-the-shelf digital SLR camera is used for data acquisition. Photos are taken free hand without surveying the camera locations.

ShapeMetriX 3D is available at different packages that allow an application for geotechnical analyses of small laboratory samples, for geological mapping of tunnel faces or outcrops up to the assessment within the largest open pits in the world.

Main application: Geological mapping, tunnelling (face mapping), stability assessments, surface modelling.


System for the three-dimensional acquisition/survey/documentation of bench faces based on the ShapeMetriX 3D technology including blast planning.

Besides precise geometry of the bench face the system provides also with plans of drill patterns, information on the real burden (360° spherical search), arbitrary profiles, or the blast volume.

The results of a precise knowledge on the geometry of a blast site are reduced fly rock incidents and blast vibrations, as well as cutting costs for drill and blast.


An autonomous imaging unit is installed at inspection openings during maintenance shift.
Turning the cutter head captures a circular video.
Advanced software generates scaled and oriented 3D images from which measurements are taken.


High quality photographs are taken with a calibrated camera from an adequate remote controlled aircraft (micro-drone) from which accurate 3D images are generated on the computer.


Dedicated software for blast design an analysis from aerial imagery. The software package includes the straightforward 3D image generation, blast design as with BlastMetriX 3D, as well as volumetric measurement features.


First real 3D fragmentation analysis from drone imagery


We realise special solutions up to complete new systems based on modifications of our standard products.


We come with our equipment and generate 3D images of the desired areas.

Usual applications:
– Geological documentation
– Blast planning
– Volume calculation
– plan development
– Conservation of evidence
or a combination thereof


A selection of our 3GSM videos and webinar recordings.