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The ShapeMetriX – IDS IBIS interaction

The direct data exchange between ShapeMetriX and Guardian from @IDS supports understanding the underlying mechanism when slope movements occur. The softwares interface directly in both directions. Ask your representative from @IDS or @3GSM for more information.

Cumba Slope Failure: A Technical Review


This paper gives insight to the investigation of a 70-meter high failure in an open pit after mining of a trim blast at the base of the wall. The investigation and technical review utilizes and integrates all available data to improve the geotechnical model, inclusive of key geological inputs, major structure, rock mass constitutive models and groundwater. Data from aerial photogrammetry and ground-based synthetic aperture radar data are used in conjunction with three-dimensional limit equilibrium analysis techniques to develop realistic simulations of ground behavior that are qualitatively and semi-quantitatively.
A multidisciplinary collaboration between: @Barrick, @rocscience, @IDS, and @3gsm


Including geological structures into blast design

3GSM’s semi-automatic rock mass characterization tools does not only save time in the mapping process it also increases the accuracy of the determined discontinuities in terms of their spatial location, orientation, and extension.

Main structures now import directly into the blast design tool revealing intersections of the structures and boreholes in a straightforward and clear manner.

Mud seams or weak zones project back into the rock mass and their pose is taken into account when loading the holes.

We like bringing our developments together and combining two applications. We hope you like that, too.

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Our last year’s summer intern Johanna received a nice recognition from Austria’s Federal Minister for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology Leonore Gewessler for her excellent work performed at 3GSM.

She worked on processing detailed 3D models and did 3D fragmentation analyses for the decabonization of quarry blasts.

Among other, the prize included a travel voucher from Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB that will bring her to Paris soon!

Congratulations Johanna – you rock!

Thanks to @Miriam and the @3GSM team for their support.


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When strolling through the beautiful old town of Graz, one of our development engineers tried out his newly refurbed mobile and fed it into the software where he is working on. 3D models from general sources such mobile phones are becoming more and more viable for real-world application.

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