Fragmenter Release Notes

Modifications of the Fragmenter Software


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Fragmenter system specifications 2023

Fragmenter 4.9

details here: BlastMetriX Release Notes und ShapeMetriX Release Notes

Fragmenter 2.2

Fragmenter v2.2 is a major release with the focus set on usability and design!

Features and improvements:
  • New! Available in dark theme mode
  • Redesigned user interface with newly designed icons to fit both the original and the new dark theme design
  • Features for enabling mouse navigation in the stereo view
  • Specification of the total and analysed area in the report
  • Improvements in editing particles

Fragmenter 2.0

Fragmenter v2.0 is a major release!

It features improved particle detection especially for smaller fragments and shifts the detection limit down to 3 times the ground sample distance while still preserving its ability for a full scale analysis of the entire muck pile.

As a consequence, the number of detected particles increases massively and so does the number of fragments that build the particle size distribution curve.

And a new mode for treating uniform size distributions has been added.

Along with that, the data format changed – new analyses will not open in versions 1.4 or earlier of the software.

Fragmenter is an add-on to 3GSM’s software packages BlastMetriX and ShapeMetriX.


Features and improvements:
  • New!  Improved particle detection
  • New! Fragment computational mode BLAST optimized for uniformly distributed particles (fines to boulders)
  • New! Fragment computational mode RIPRAP optimized for the analysis of homogenously distributed particles (certain grain fraction)
  • New! Customized colour for detected fines
  • Improved data format leading to a much faster saving and opening of analysis files
  • User defined size colouring can be saved per analysis
  • New PDF report including a coloured visualization of the fragmentation analysis
  • Refactored user interface
  • General enhancements such as tool tips and an improved particle size distribution plot


Fragmenter 1.3

Fragmenter is a whole new software component for determining the size of particles in a muck pile of blasted rock. It is the first fragmentation analysis that works in 3D and comes as an add-on to 3GSM’s software packages BlastMetriX UAV, ShapeMetriX UAV, BlastMetriX 3D and ShapeMetriX 3D.

Fragmenter is compatible with 3D images generated by SMX MultiPhoto.

Key features:

  • New! Analytical delineation of particles from 3D images based on surface analysis and image processing
  • New! Auditing features of particles including splitting, merging, adding, deleting, editing.
  • New! Cumulative particle size distribution chart including histogram
  • New! Report function, export of figures and data


  • Fragmenter version 2.2
  • Fragmenter version 2.2
  • Fragmenter version 2.0
  • 3D model of a muck pile