Dongle Update

Dongle Update Guide 1 of 2

Technological advance requires to update the stand-alone (green) USB dongle for new 3GSM software products. The update is necessary for the following or later versions of the software:

  • ShapeMetriX 3D (and Add-ons): 4.1
  • BlastMetriX 3D (and Add-ons): 4.1
  • ShapeMetriX UAV (and Add-ons): 2.1
  • BlastMetriX UAV (and Add-ons): 2.1
  • ShapeMetriX TBM: 2.1

Updating the dongle is a two-step process. This guide describes the first step of the two-step process in which information about your dongle is collected. If you would like to switch to the second step, go here.

Collect Information

  1. Download the 3GSM Remote Update System program (3GSM_RUS.exe).
  2. Make sure the dongle is connected.
  3. Launch the 3GSM Remote Update System program by double-clicking the program file 3GSM_RUS.exe. If Windows warns from executing the program, choose “More information” and then “execute anyway”.
  4. Make sure the ‘Collect Status Information‘ tab is selected.
  5. Click ‘Collect Information‘. If you have multiple Dongles connected you will be asked to select the one for which you want to collect information. Make sure to select the correct one.
  6. Specify file and folder name for the file which contains your dongle information (C2V file). As a file name, choose e.g. your name and your organisation.
    • Example: 3GSM_JohnDoe.c2v
  7. Send this file to dongle@3gsm.at.

3GSM will generate a personalized file for you and send that via e-mail.

Once you receive this e-mail, proceed with step two of the update process which is described here.