3GSM GmbH - About us

3GSM’s software applications increase productivity and safety in rock engineering and sustainably decarbonize quarry blasting while cutting costs by high-end computer vision software for rock mass characterization and blast optimization.


3GSM develops and markets easy-to-use software for the three-dimensional acquisition and assessment of rock, terrain, and object surfaces. Being a first mover in the application of photogrammetric 3D models for geologic mapping in tunnelling or bench face profiling in quarry blast design, the company offers now a comprehensive suite of software components for the tunnelling, mining, and civil engineering industries.

Graz based 3GSM has distribution partners on all continents and served over 50 countries so far with their clients ranging from smallest engineering consultancies to the largest mining enterprises in the world.

If you want to reduce cost in mineral extraction by blasting while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint you are just as right as if you need to increase data quality and safety in rock engineering projects on surface and underground.

3GSM – Simply Measure!

  • 3GSM systems are in use in more than 50 countries!