BlastMetriX UAV Release Notes

Modifications of the BlastMetriX UAV software


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BlastMetriX UAV version 3.0.2

The software update includes:

  • Improvement of surface meshing (avoid accidentially formed micro gaps in the surface mesh that have been present under some circumstances)

BlastMetriX UAV version 3.0

Improvements and new features in General, SurfaceTrimmer, and BlastPlanner are equal to BlastMetriX 3D and can be found in the corresponding release notes.

The MultiPhoto component has been extremely improved again. It computes better models with higher accuracy and it is faster than previous versions.

  • Higher quality of 3D models in terms of surface point localization and coverage of data
  • Faster computation
  • Support of standard machines without special graphics hardware; for faster computation still NVidia © graphics cards recommended
  • New matching strategy for “fast” reconstruction leading to denser models at the same computing time
  • “Normal” density matching delivers much more points at the same computation time
  • More information on loaded image data such as camera type or GPS information
  • Automatic support of GPS information if available
  • New live display during coarse model generation; it shows the actually found camera locations in a live 3D view while adding new cameras
  • A custom set of loaded images can be selected/deselected for the reconstruction process
  • Changing the project name also changes the name of the 3D model accordingly
  • Region of interest supports straight lines as well as arbitrary shapes
  • Several new cameras added to camera data base


BlastSiteGenerator 3D
  • The combination of aerial and terrestrial 3D images better detects redundant points


BlastMetriX UAV version 2.1

  • Higher quality of 3D image reconstruction.
  • New! Automatic continuation of reconstruction (dense reconstruction is automatically launched after coarse reconstruction after a user-defined time).
  • New! Three different reconstruction modes (Fast, Normal, High).
  • New! User-defined limit of generated points for the final reconstruction.
  • New! User-defined stereo set-ups can be added to an existing 3D reconstruction.
  • New! 3D model view for a better localization of the reference images.
BoreholeFinder New Software Component!
  • Defines and edits borehole collar positions on reconstructed 3D images; collars can be directly loaded into BlastPlanner.
  • Reference points are saved in the correct subimage and are shown again after loading.
    Note: Reference points from previous versions are no longer imported.
  • BlastMetriX 3D is released with 64-bit applications only.
  • A dongle update is required (for most users) before installing BMX 4.1 in order to apply all new functions to the software.
  • Drastic improvement of 3D mesh generation.
  • Better handling of operations that require administrator privileges (e.g. installation of license or calibration data)
  • Multiple calibration files can be installed and removed at once.
  • New! Multiple connected dongles are supported.
  • New! Option to set the displayed texture resolution for the 3D viewer.
  • New!  Backup/restore functionality for license data.
  • New! ‘Clean up’ button for removing temporary data (only if 3GSM cache directories are found).
  • More feedback during trimming.
  • The description of the Blast Site can be edited directly from the printing/exporting dialog.
  • The set borehole inclination is saved.
  • Even rows in staggered drill patterns (row shift bigger than 0) no longer extend beyond the width of the first row.
  • Azimuth of boreholes is displayed as 0-360° (older versions: -180; +180°).
  • New! Importing borehole rows from “.csv” files allows to add boreholes to the existing drill pattern (previous versions: an existing drill pattern was exclusively replaced).
  • New! Rows can be added to an existing drill pattern.