Blast analysis

Blast analysis

System for three dimensional acquisition of blast sites for acquisition/survey/documentation of bench faces including blast design and blast analysis based on photogrammetric 3D models.

Besides precise geometry of the bench face and blast design the system provides features to quantify the quality of the blast by determining:

  • Bank volumes
  • Muck pile volumes
  • Shape and contour plots pre- and post-blast
  • Rock mass structures
  • Fragmentation of blasted rock by 3D analysis

The results of blast analysis serves for blast optimization and support blast quality control procedures.



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    • Blast optimization cycle
    • Estimation of the bank volume
    • Volume of blasted rock
    • Fragmentation analysis of blasted rock with the BMX Fragmenter. The software features the delineation of single particles on a 3D model by a combination of 3D surface analysis and 2D image analysis.
    • Contour lines post blast
    • Profiles through the bench face before blast and after blast (muck pile)
    • Rock mass characterisation including modelling of discontinuities