ShapeMetriX UAV

Aerial 3D images


High quality photographs are taken with a calibrated camera from an adequate remote controlled aircraft (micro-drone) from which accurate 3D images are generated on the computer. 3GSM provides it one_stop: volumetric measurements, blast design, and rock mass chararcterisation.



  • Precise documentation
  • Reproducible results
  • Highly detailed


  • Stock piles
  • Excavation pits, documentation
  • Conservation of evidence
  • Blast design
  • Geologic mapping
  • General volumetric measurement


  • Repository of 5 hectares

    3D image of a repository of about 5 hectares

  • Growth of about 30.000 cubic metres

    3D image of the repository and its growth of about 30.000 cubic metres.

  • Blast design
  • Rock mass characterisation

    Geological mapping without access limitations

  • Slope verification

    The inclination is determined by profiles and area based measurements.

  • Comprehensive mapping

    Despite the large area, imaging quality suffices for comprehensive geological mapping.